JEOPARD Project starts validation of parallel realtime Java VM

Karlsruhe, Germany–25 February 2010

One of the results of the JEOPARD project, a unified parallel realtime Java VM for high performance, realtime and safety critical platforms is currently under test by industrial project partners. Among these partners are EADS Germany, Skysoft Portugal and Radio Labs Italy, who put the Java VM through their paces with actual applications.
Skysoft evaluates the development on multicore systems with SYSGO's partitioning operating system PikeOS. The testing application consists of Java partitions in an aviation control system, that are executed parallel.

JamaicaVM, the proven JavaVM for hard and soft realtime applications, serves as the foundation for the multicore realtime Java technology developed by aicas. The garbage collector, working in extremely short steps of only a few milliseconds, has been adapted to multicore systems, allowing for the execution of Java code, uninterrupted by other applications, and the garbage collection concurrently. Furthermore the GC implementation features parallel garbage collection on multiple CPUs, while a highly sophisticated load balancing converges the parallelism to the technically possible optimal.

For the realtime application developer this means that the established low latency garbage collector of JamaicaVM is now available on parallel multicore systems. Depending on the number of CPUs and the parallelism requirements of the application, the developer may decide whether the garbage collector and the application will be executed on multiple CPUs on demand or part of the CPUs run the application while other CPUs run the garbage collector simultaneously. This way the application may be executed completely independent and unaffected by the garbage collector.

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